Recreational Activities in Rishikesh

RecreationalActivities in Rishikesh

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Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world, is a perfect place to learn and experience yoga. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush, green valleys, the holy and mighty river Ganges, Himalayan foothills and tranquility, one can easily develop a natural feeling of contentment and happiness from this blissful place. Rishikesh inspires compassion and love for everything life has to offer and joyful experience of life. There are number of recreational activities which you can enjoy on your rest/leisure day and/or during your free time. Please contact us at in case you need any assistance with booking your activities.

Ayurvedic massage and therapies

Fire Ceremony & Aarti at banks of Ganga river

Experience Traditional Indian culture

Camping and bonfire

Rappelling and rock climbing

Wildlife Sanctuary

Cliff jumping



River Rafting

Bungee jumping

Flying fox