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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Adhiroha is the coalescence of serenity and Harmony. Whoever steps through the gates will find the ashram resplendent with nature’s beauty cradled in the undulating verdant hills and forest with incessantly flowing mountain spring water, where a sense of peace and awe would immediately envelop your whole being. The Stay at our ashram combined with yoga and meditation, will help to calm the stressed body, breath, and mind. Adhirohas organic architectural design showcases and promotes harmony between inhabitants and nature. Built on hallowed grounds where over the years numerous yogis have lived and meditated, the space reverberates with sacred positive vibes. The spiritual energy field is strong and uplifting.


Water Spring

Natural Water Spring

Incessantly flowing spring water inside the ashram induces a meditative state and produces an immense sense of mental tranquility. Letting the sound of flowing water wash over you, helps your brain let go of lingering stress and gets your body into an ultimate state of relaxation.

Hawan Kund

Hawan, also called Homa, or Agnihotra, as some might believe, are not mere Vedic Rites and Rituals, they are the very essence of Vedic Science. Yagyas were basically performed by the Vedic people to remove the toxic substances from the environment through the agency of fire. The scientific principle behind it was that “When you heal the atmosphere the atmosphere heals you‟ Hawan Kund is the center place of this ritual, in which sacred fire is lit and various offerings like ghee, rice, dried fruits, herbs, dhoop and fragrant resins, and other items are offered to the fire. At Adhiroha, The Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh we perform Havan in the morning hours of everyday.

Water Spring
Water Spring

Lord Shiva’s Statue

The statue of lord Shiva facing the entrance welcomes all our patrons into our Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh with his benevolent grace. Lord Shiva is regarded as the patron of yoga, meditation and arts and one of his epithets is “ADHIROHA”. He symbolizes the immortal prana, the undying force of eternal existence. The monolith of meditating Shiva made in black stone is so realist, that one can clearly notice the tangible sense of sanctity and literally feel his peaceful aura and divine energy permeating through the entire ashram.

All-Day Chanting

The sound vibration of mantras is said to be exceptionally purified articulation of our deepest nature. At Adhiroha Om Namah Shivaya chant is evoked from Dawn to Dusk. “Om” – the sound of the universe and “Na Ma Shi Va Ya – these five syllables indicate the five elements (known as Pancha Bhoota in Sanskrit) – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The five elements are the building blocks of everything in Creation, including the human body, and Lord Shiva is the master of these five elements. Chanting this mantra infuses positivity and removes malefic energies connecting you with your inner-self gives a sense of peace and strong mental health.

Water Spring
Water Spring


We co-evolved with nature; we were shaped, influenced, and adapted to interact and resonate with the wild. Located amidst lush forest and verdant hills Adhiroha, is nature lover’s paradise with healing gardens where greenery and plants produce restorative effects; flexible spaces that accommodate functional needs of different Yoga activities; and green buildings that incorporate open space as a catalyst for integrated eco-system.

Separate Designated Areas

When one looks at the topography of Adhiroha you will notice that it has been intentionally designed in such a way that the dining and the residential areas are located far opposite to each other while the Yog Shala and Havan Kund is built on an elevated ground in comparison to the rest of the property. Open spaces located between buildings work as joints of surrounding environments by integrating and organizing different places and elements.

Water Spring
Water Spring


At Adhiroha cleanliness is an unwavering top priority. We provide safe, clean, sanitized and hygienic accommodation with spacious rooms and en-suite bathrooms. All rooms open to a patio and have a compelling panoramic view of hills and forest. The rooms are designed keeping in mind the long stay need of our guests and have comfortable beds with high-quality mattresses, duvet, white linens, big wardrobes with lockers. The bathrooms are equipped with western-style toilet and hot shower (Solar Water Heater). The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned by our housekeeping team every day.


Eating does not mean merely filling up the stomach to satisfy hunger; rather it is a ‘Yadnya-karma’. शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् । – Kumarsambhav, Sarga 5, Shloka 33 - Meaning: Physical body is the only important medium to perform spiritual practice. To possess a healthy body, food is of utmost importance. Food is also accorded the status of ‘Purṇa-brahma’. Ayurveda talks of “Mita-āhāra” (light food), “Hita-āhāra” (compatible /beneficial /life promoting food) - in both these cases it is believed that Vegetarian food is ideal. At Adhiroha we serve organic Ayurvedic vegetarian food which included gluten free Indian flat bread (millets roti/chapathi), cereal with milk and Yoghurt in the form of Raita. Students with special dietary needs or restrictions (For instance - gluten sensitivity or lactose intolerance) can inform in advance for us to provide their preferential diet. Our food is cooked with pure clarified butter (Ghee) which consists of soluble vitamins that aid in weight loss, balancing of hormones and healthy cholesterol. All days of the week we serve nourishing vegetarian cuisine made from fresh seasonal vegetables and prepared according to the tenets of sattvic cooking. Adhirohas light, healthy and well balanced food is prepared with much love, care and cleanliness which helps to keep the body and mind nourished, enabling you to maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. We provide three meals a day throughout the course except on Sunday when we do not serve lunch and dinner since our Kitchen is deep cleaned and maintained on the weekend.

Water Spring
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