Yoga Expectation Vs Reality

Yoga Expectation Vs Reality

Busting the Myths and Revealing the Mind Blowing Facts! At some point or the other in life you might have come across someone who felt that yoga isn’t for them because their body is not flexible enough or met/seen someone who thought their body is too flexible and can do any asana. When we speak of yoga there are numerous expectations that come to our mind not all of them are essentially true like the ones mentioned above. Hence, Today Adhiroha is on a mission to uncover the myths surrounding yoga, yoga is and was and will be for everyone, it's our mission at Adhiroha to throw light on the right and discard the wrong! So here are 4 Mind Boggling facts about yoga that are absolutely different from our expectations!:

Expectation, Myth 1. Yoga is for slim and flexible people,

Fact : As per Patanjali’s yoga sutras (To know more about Patanjali, refer to our blog: Evolution of Yoga). Yoga is not at all about being flexible, do not get overwhelmed by looking at the postures of some best yoga teachers in Rishikesh. It is rather about a stable body and calm mind and blissful soul. We also say this by our experience that it is not the body that is stiff it is the mind and the soul. Once we conquer the mind and make it stable the body follows. You are not competing with anyone but yourself. Don’t let others distract you. The magic is focusing on yourself and not looking beyond your mat, that is what a yoga course in Rishikesh would teach in all its practicality. Most people begin yoga without body flexibility and gradually develop the same by focusing on their breathing and exercising their mind. Every person nowadays who tells us that they cannot touch their feet and therefore will not do yoga, should know that proper breathing, alignment and patience can work miracles. Would you want to learn that from the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh? These yoga schools in Rishikesh train those who think they will never be able to touch their feet and they are the ones who end up doing the most difficult asanas.
For people whose body is way too flexible, a word of caution: SLOW DOWN! Do not overdo the pose or stretch way too far. There is more possibility to injure or hurt their body beyond repair if not practiced in the right way under the guidance of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh.
Last but not the least, when doing asanas or kriyas, always be responsible for yourself, listen to your body and trust your instincts.

Expectation, Myth 2. Yoga shows quick results

Fact : Yoga does show quick results but there’s more to it! Yes, yoga does show us results in the very first session, agreed. We all remember our first yoga session and how amazing it felt afterwards. The relaxation and rejuvenation was out of the world. However, yoga is not all about these short-term feel good benefits and we all must understand that. Yoga is a spiritual revolution that becomes a part of us, it connects us and binds us and it should be looked at from this perspective. That’s why all yoga schools in Rishikesh stress on the importance of oneness of body and mind. The biggest benefit of yoga is the sanctity it offers to our life and to experience this it is very important that we give time to our yogic practice and be patient with it. Perseverance is the key to being successful at yoga. The joy one attains after successive attempts of an asana and slowly observing one's body becoming more flexible and healthy is absolute happiness and to experience such a state of eudaemonia, Yoga can’t be done in haste. And for the ones thinking that yoga is a get slim fast scheme, let’s break it to you - IT ISN’T. Though it's scientifically proven that yoga helps reduce fat on an escalated rate it by no means makes yoga ultra-easy or a simple activity.

Expectation, Myth 3. Yoga happens only on the mat

Fact : Yoga happens 24/7 This fact is something that not all of us realise but it's very pertinent to yoga as a practice as some of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh also suggest. At Adhiroha we believe that yoga is not only a practice that is limited to the mat but it moves way beyond to the way we live our lives. Hence, at Adhiroha we provide our students with a complete yogic lifestyle to begin with. (check out this blog for more info- attach 5 reasons why adhiroha blog here) When you realize that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you are practicing. There is a special practice for each moment of the day, we are more aware of our actions, we are more cautious and have austerity of any action we take in our life. In fact the mind boggling part is that; the bible of yoga “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali '' outline specific ways and suggestions that we should incorporate in our daily life. Even the best yoga schools in Rishikesh teach the methods of “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. For instance, it elucidates upon how we can maintain a positive radiance by ignoring negativity and concentrating our yogic energy on positiveness thereby creating a surge of energy and vibrance. Another example of yoga in daily life is that there is a measurement by which you could see if a person is practicing yoga through their kindness and the radiance they exude. They will not make you feel inferior or treat you with disrespect, they will not be mean to you in person or otherwise, because yoga is a practice that teaches the value of human life and the sanctity of life itself.

Expectation, Myth 4. Yoga is easy to learn and simple, it can be easily learned online!

Fact : Yoga puts emphasis on Guru and it's impossible to fully learn it online. With the internet being readily available to us all the time, it seems everything is at our disposal and easy to access- so is yoga. In Fact nowadays we have multiple channels, courses taught by the best yoga teacher in Rishikesh that assure to teach you yoga in a quick and easy way. However, these sources of learning are more often than not too limited in their nature of approach towards the students. Even though they are informative and promote yoga and maybe a good starter kit, it is apparent that they are not wholesome and do not provide holistic development of the individual. Many people have taken to such sources of information and started learning by themselves, throwing caution to the wind. And that’s why at Adhiroha we will be soon releasing a blog on the best online sources to learn yoga from. However, this impulsive way of learning without guidance and from unreliable sources has caused physical injuries and in some cases irreversible damages. Yoga might seem to be very simple, but you need proper direction from a Guru or trained Yoga teacher with experience because in yoga individual attention and details matter.As they say even the best yoga schools in Rishikesh are as best as their gurus and educators.
That’s why Adhiroha offers various Yoga Teacher Training Courses suiting your requirements. You could check them out here-( So folks, pull your socks up, tighten your bodies and unroll your mats for your next amazing yoga session

The bottom line

The bottom line is, Adhiroha is not just another yoga school in Rishikesh but an institution that provides yoga enthusiasts a stepping stone towards a life-transforming journey whilst aiding their growth and giving them practical future prospects.

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