Yoga Doesn't Care What You Look Like - Curvy Yoga

Yoga Doesn't Care What You Look Like Curvy Yoga

I am sure that you must have seen fit models performing yoga asanas in most of the yoga teacher training courses online. Most of the pictures that you get to see are of ultra-fit people which you don't see much in everyday life. The problem with those pictures is that this is not the reality that we live in today. Obesity is a part of our society, and the percentage of people dealing with obesity keeps on increasing. Another important fact is that obesity is recent and was not that prevalent about 30 years ago and if we talk about a century ago, it was almost non-existent. But now obese poeple are scared to take any yoga teacher training courses online.
Just like all other things in the world, yoga is also changing with the modern world. We need to realise that different bodies have different abilities, and forcing hard rules on people with curvy bodies can actually be harmful to them.
Yoga teachers and instructors are also part of society, and we have heard about cases where obese people are not treated in the same way as other members in a group yoga session and they get totally neglected if they are attending any yoga teacher training courses online. This post is all about educating you that unlike humans, yoga does not discriminate based on your bodies, and you should always have a slow start to become a pro at yoga eventually. Yoga has helped hundreds of thousands of obese people to fight off their weight and become healthy, and it continues to do so.
Along with the motivation to practice yoga Asanas with less intensity to start with, we will be listing some of the best Asanas for people with a curvy body who are just starting to practice yoga. We assure you that you will be able to perform all the Asanas efficiently and not only are these Asanas easy to perform but equally useful in your quest to a healthy and fit body.


Padahastasana is one of the easiest and the best poses to start your journey of yoga. The best part of this asana is that it will help strengthen your leg and back muscles at the same time along with helping in burning fat. Regular practice with gradually increasing the time will help you burn a lot of fat in a short time.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Choose a calm and composed place and lay down your Yoga mat
● Stand erect on the yoga mat with wide hip-distance between your legs
● Slowly bend your upper body and bend it towards the mat
● Bend as much as possible whereas the ultimate goal should be to touch your feet while bending towards the mat
● You need to pressurise your body into bending too much, and the progress should be gradual
● Remain in this position for as long as is comfortable and increase the time with every day practising the Asana


This asana is also known as the cobra pose. This is one of the most famous asanas taught in most yoga teacher training courses online as it is part of the Suryanamaskar series of yoga. The most significant benefits of this asana include strengthening your lower back and activating your metabolism.
Your metabolism will help in reducing weight and shedding off the extra fat.
The steps involved in this asana are -

● Choose and calm place for your session and lie down your yoga mat
● Lie down on the yoga mat with your stomach touching the floor
● Your toes should be touching together with no distance between your legs
● Slowly begin by putting your hands forward and finally keeping your palms touched with your mat on the floor
● Put your body weight on the mat and push your body weight in the upward direction while lifting your upper body
● Lift as high as possible while keeping your lower body touched with the floor
● Make sure to put a lot of pressure on your body in the beginning days
● Remain in this position for as long as possible and gradually increase the timing

3.Ardha Salabhasana

This is one of the best asanas to strengthen your shoulders and the back. This is also advised to improve your digestive system and increase metabolism, which will eventually solve all your health problems simultaneously. Moreover, if you feel you are unable to find time to practice yoga or have time crunch, it is advisable to join a yoga teacher training course online which can teach you to incorporate yoga into your daily life.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Choose a calm place and lie down on your yoga mat with your stomach touching the mat
● Keep your hands under your thigh
● Slowly start inhaling in the fresh air and lifting your left leg off the floor
● Lift it as high as you can and then remain in this position for as long as you can, ideally 30 secs to one minute
● The timing of remaining in the position will increase with regular practice
● Slowly move your leg downwards as you exhale
● Repeat the same steps with your right leg

It is imperative to remember that you can practice all of the asanas of yoga using some props or doing a little less than the final position, to motivate yourself on a regular basis, it is advisable to stay in touch with a teacher who can guide you through your journey of yoga. If you find it difficult to connect with a physical teacher you can always find people who are taking classes online or offering yoga teacher training courses online. Yoga is a journey, and you will eventually develop your desired body shape as you practice it daily!

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