Yoga Asanas for the Old-aged

Yoga Asanas for the Old-aged

Are you slowing down as your age increases and facing new health issues? Wondering if Yoga is something which you can do at old age and if it is the right choice? As you age, the need for taking care of your body increases and lack of exercise makes your body parts give you health issues. One word answer to the question- “Is yoga right for Old-Ages people is a big definite YES!
Yoga is, in fact, one of the best choices for old-aged people and helps them fight multiple health issues. Remaining active in old-ages helps you fight diseases and live a comfortable life! In this post, we set out to talk about the best Yoga asanas for older adults which they can perform smoothly and are bundled with a lot of health benefits.
Without any further ado, let's dig deep into the list -

1. Tree Pose

Tree pose is one of the best asanas for old citizens for its ability to build balance and strengthen core muscles. It will strengthen the core areas of your legs and promote balance which will prevent falling which gets common in old ages. That’s why it's no wonder that every yoga ttc 300 hours has this pose in their curriculum.
The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Choose a calm place and stand on your Yoga mat
● Without having any distance between your legs, slowly lift your arms over your head and touch your palms together as you would do in the namaskar position
● Start by lifting your right leg and slowly place your right foot on the left thigh
● Remain in this position for as long as possible
● Initially, you can begin with a few seconds but the time will continue to increase as you practise it daily

2. Extended puppy pose

This pose is a bundle of benefits as you get to strengthen and relax your body at the same time. The positions which you have to maintain in this Asana strengthens all parts of your upper body. It also improves blood flow to the brain, which results in decreased stress and anxiety. It also helps in decreasing tension in the muscles, and the best part is that it is one of the easiest to practise. It’s a posture that is common among yoga ttc 300/200 hours classes.

The steps involved in this asana are -

● Start by choosing a calm place and lie down your Yoga mat at a suitable place
● You can begin by kneeling on the mat and starting with a tabletop position
● Make sure to keep your knees comfortable and use a cloth if necessary to support your knees
● Slowly start moving your arms in the forward direction till the point your chest touches the Yoga mat on the floor
● Press your hands and arms on the floor as your head remain down
● Remain in this position for about 30 seconds while breathing and exhaling fresh air
● Repeat the steps as many times as possible and ideally around 5-7 times to reap in the maximum benefits of this Asana

3. Bridge Pose

This is one of the best poses for people who have spent most of their lives in a desk job or have been inactive for a long time. It strengthens your lower back and helps relieve lower back pain which is a common sight in old age. It also promotes healthy blood flow. Bridge posture is also one of the warm-up that is done by the students who take yoga ttc 300 hours classes.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Choose a calm place and lie down comfortably on your Yoga mat
● Lift your feet so that your sole touches the floor and your hands should be aside your body
● Breathe in the fresh air and push your hands to the floor to put in pressure
● Slowly exhale and lift your lower upper half to attain the bridge pose
● Your head must be touching the Yoga mat while you push your pelvis towards the upward direction
● Remain in this position for as long as is comfortable and slowly increase the time for additional benefits to your body

4. Legs up the wall

This is one of the most practised asanas as it helps to increase blood flow to the heart. You can strengthen your key body muscles while only performing this asana regularly. Usually, in yoga ttc 300 hours course teaches you how to transition into shoulder stand from this posture.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Choose a calm place in your home and lay down your Yoga mat beside a wall
● Start by simply sitting beside a wall
● Lie down on the floor while slowly lifting your legs towards the wall until the back of your legs touch the wall
● If you are unable to maintain a 90 degrees angle with the wall, you can start by keeping a distance between your hips and the wall
● Constant practice will help you to come closer towards the wall and even increase the timing
● Remain in the position for as long as is comfortable and feel the blood flow in your body These were the asanas that can be practiced by old people. However, it is also imperative to feel positive energy enter your body as you practise all these asanas. Benefits of yoga in old- age inspires many young kids to pursue courses like yoga ttc 300 hours or 500 hours.

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