Yoga Asanas for Hormonal Issues

Yoga Asanas for Hormonal Issues Menopause/Infertility/Thyroid

Hormonal issues in women is a common problem faced these days. Modern lifestyles come with a lot of mental and work pressure resulting in a stressful life. Hormonal issues come to surface when you are not relaxed and have a lot of things going on in your mind. This is one of the reasons that more and more women are attending yoga teacher courses in Rishikesh.
Creating practices that keep the mind stress free is one of the most effective remedies in such cases. You have to find the perfect balance with meditation and yoga. Yoga has been proved as one of the most effective and widely used methods for centuries. In this post, we set out to discover the most effective Yoga Asanas, which can help you calm your nervous system and solve your hormonal issues.

Some of the benefits of all the Asanas in this post are experienced in every yoga teacher course in Rishikesh:

● These Asanas help in calming your nervous system
● Provides relief from menstrual discomfort
● Maintain healthy bowel movements
● These are highly recommended Asanas for uterine and ovarian health
● They help increase flexibility
● Help you manage stress in life
● Regulates hormonal balance in the body
● Improves blood circulation

1. Butterfly Pose (Badhakonasana)

This asana is known as the butterfly pose because of the way you sit for the asana and it’s a posture that is practiced in almost every yoga teacher course in Rishikesh. The position that you attain and maintain for some time helps you stretch your muscles and relieve tension in muscles.

The way to perform this Asana is -

● Sit down on your yoga mat with your spine in the erect position, and the legs stretched
● Make sure to begin while keeping your legs in front of you
● Slowly bring your feet soles together
● Make sure to bend your knees outwards while you get in this position
● Push your heels towards your genitals as much as is possible
● Lean in the forward direction while keeping your back intact
● Hold this pose and stay in the position for as long as is comfortable, preferably at least 30 seconds
● Slowly get back to the starting position and repeat the Asana a few times

2. Reclined Butterfly Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

The Reclined butterfly pose is another version of the butterfly pose which is known for various additional benefits including stimulating the kidneys.
Make sure to make a routine of various Asanas and practice them daily for significant results from the initial few days.

The steps to perform this Asana are -

● Sit down on the Yoga mat just as you would in the butterfly pose
● Bring your feet soles together while pushing your knees outwards
● When you are in the butterfly position, slowly bend backwards to lie on the floor
● Place your hands on your stomach or beside it in a relaxed position
● Stay in the position for as long as the position is comfortable, preferably a minimum of 30 seconds
● Slowly get back to your normal sitting position and repeat this Asana a few times for best results

3. Bharadvaja's Twist

This asana is considered as one of the best posture for your spine and abdominal organs. The positive effects it has on your abdominal organs helps you to combat hormonal issues and get rid of all related health issues. Making it a favorite of all yoga teacher courses in Rishikesh.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Sit on your yoga mat with your legs in front of you
● Put your body weight on the right side while swinging both of your legs to the left
● Pull your leg and while in the Asana, your left ankle must rest on the right arch
● After you get into the position, you have to lengthen your spine as you inhale in fresh air
● While you exhale, make sure to twist your body as in the Asana
● Complete these steps continuously in sets of 30 seconds for each time
● Get back in the starting position to start by choosing the left side of your body this time and repeating the same steps

4. Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana helps get you into a deep state of meditation and silence. It enables you to achieve a divine state of stillness that calms your body to another level. Most classes in the yoga teacher course in Rishikesh finish with corpse pose. This is specifically beneficial for women suffering from hormonal issues.

The steps involved in this Asana are -
● The first step is to choose a calm place in which you can feel the positive vibes
● This Asana cannot be performed on the floor so make sure to have a Yoga mat handy
● Lie on the mat with your spine upright and the shoulders touching the floor
● Keep your arms away from your body while the palms face the upward direction
● Keep your eyes closed and feel the positive vibes enter your body
● Remain in the position for a long time, and you will feel your body getting energized after every few minutes


Practicing all of these asanas in a routine will help you to get mind blowing results. Women can practically get rid of all their hormonal problems with a combination of these Asanas. One thing to keep in mind is to practice them equally rather than practicing one Asana again and again.

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