Why Adhiroha Is The Best Yoga School

5 Reasons Why Adhiroha Is The Best Yoga School

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at yoga, in this digital world of overwhelming information this article will provide a straight forward easy to decide key points for choosing the best yoga school ADHIROHA. The 21st century was thought to be a century of flying cars and robots, right? But here we are stuck in our stressful jobs with a myriad of troubles including diseases and other known and yet to discover health issues. Amidst this health chaos people are increasingly looking at ways to keep their minds and bodies healthy and maintain a state of equilibrium and peace. What better way to achieve this than Yoga which ensures one's mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Just for a second, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of the forest stone throw away from the River Ganges, birds singing around you, golden spotted deers grazing, peacocks screams and constant flow of spring water and the fresh Himalayan air swiftly brushing along your body and the holiness of the surroundings becoming one with you. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? ADHIROHA brings this dream to a reality. Set up in the most exquisite yoga city of India, Rishikesh, Adhiroha is the best Yoga Shala out there. With the most authentic yogi experience to the beauty of Himalayas, a kilometre away from the hustle bustle of the city nestle in the quiet forest and taught by the best instructors, Adhiroha is the true Yogi Paradise. Here’s 5 reasons that truly make it the best:


Tapovan, Rishikesh is called the Yoga capital of the world for a reason! And guess what? Adhiroha is spread in an area of 3 acres right in the heart of Tapovan, Rishikesh. Surrounded by lush green forest and beautiful Himalayan mountains. It is a quick walk away from the Holy river Ganges, Tapovan market and the famous Laxman Jhula (Hanging Bridge). Facilities like public and private transport, scenic tourist spots, shopping, local markets, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, Hospitals etc. are all in close vicinity. This location gives you the best of both worlds, the bliss of nature and the pleasures of city life. The yog shala is the most surreal environment you can get to practice and learn yoga in all of Asia because of its exquisite architecture and building style. The meditation cave is also very unique to Adhiroha, the lecture hall, dining space and the surroundings all compliment Adhiroha's location and beauty. Not only this, mother nature has made Adhiroha a true yogi heaven by blessing it with a brook inside the property which gives a continuous meditative sound, and the icing on the cake is its Natural Pool which is 60 feet long situated right next to the dining and juice-bar area. Living at Adhiroha is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the environment here forces you to rediscover yourself and sponge in fresh energy and vibrance. Rest assured your Yoga experience at Adhiroha will be life transforming.


Adhiroha provides all kinds of facilities for its students and maintains a top notch quality in providing the same. This is validated from the responses and reviews by previous students. The Accommodation/residential quarters comprises of safe, clean and spacious environment for all our students. They come with an ensuite washroom, and open patio with a spectacular mountain and pool view. The food at Adhiroha is a unique amalgamation of vegetarian Ayurvedic diet and organic ingredients. The famous Adhiroha herbal tea is also provided with meals. At Adhiroha food is believed to be personification of god (Prahbrahma Swaroopam) and an essential tool to compliment one’s yoga practice. Hence, right from the chef’s mind to the food consumption each process is given a lot of sanctity and conscious effort is made towards making it the best. Around the clock airport transfers is also provided in house and is as safe as it gets. Even though the course is taught in English, at Adhiroha it is believed that language shouldn’t be a barrier in learning hence, it also provides selected language translators on request. Adhiroha has all possible facilities at a fingers snap to aid your yoga experience. Contact them to know more!


Adhiroha is known far and wide for being the biggest teacher training school in Rishikesh. Classes here are limited to 25 students so as to ensure a one on one learning experience unlike the Yoga classes elsewhere and in urban cities. Much of the teaching staff at Adhiroha belongs to an avid family of early pioneering yogis in India or has followed the authentic Gurukul style teaching of yoga from multiple stalwart gurus. Apart from their rich formal knowledge their unique yogi experience takes the teaching to world class level. The classes at Adhiroha come in a 200, 300 or 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in the following categories; Ashtanga and Hatha, Kundalini and Meditation.(just in case you were wondering, all these courses have exams and homework too). There is also a special 7 day journey to rediscover yourself and align your mind, body and soul through Adhiroha’s Vipassana programme. Any combination of 26 letters can’t justify the feeling one gets post doing these programmes or courses. Hence it is highly recommended that you experience it for your own self! You can get more information on each course on Adhiroha’s website.


At the end of your Teacher Training Course, Adhiroha hosts a graduation ceremony for you, awarding you with a US Yoga Alliance Certificate, depending on your course (200, 300, 500 hour). Through this certificate you will be qualified to teach yoga by registering with the US Yoga Alliance, to become a registered Yoga Teacher as per the level of certification. This will enable you to teach yoga in almost any country on the planet. Adhiroha assures you of a lifetime experience of innumerable treasures of the heart and tons of friends from various paths of life from across the globe. We are sure you will leave Adhiroha a changed person rediscovering yourself, your hidden truths and filling yourself up with sparkling radiance and vibrancy.


Adhiroha truly believes yoga transcends boundaries. Your course will also provide you with innumerable Yoga prospects where you become a part of yoga circuit consisting of talented people from different walks of life, some running ace yoga schools in different countries worldwide. After completion of the course Adhiroha helps its students (who are interested) in setting up their yoga related businesses in their respective countries. Adhiroha also provides franchise support world-wide and shares its teaching pedagogy, course content, material e.t.c. and also provides guest faculties to selected countries on special requests. Not just this, Adhiroha also facilitates job offers within its network in different parts of the world as per its existing openings. Thus, Adhiroha, nurtures its students in a holistic way and makes them self-reliant to propagate the knowledge of Yoga to others.

The bottom line

The bottom line is, Adhiroha is not just a yoga school but an institution that provides yoga enthusiasts a stepping stone towards a life-transforming journey whilst aiding their growth and giving them practical future prospects.

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