Ways to Relieve Stress with Yoga

Ways to Relieve Stress with Yoga(Insomnia/Fatigue/Trauma/Anxiety/Depression)

Are you the person who got multiple work projects in hand while your family is waiting to go out for dinner with you?
Trying to balance multiple things in a given time can trigger those stress neurons which can lead to long-term healthy issues.
Stress is now considered a part of regular life which now needs to be managed. Feeling exhausted, and pressured due to non-stop activities can sometimes take a toll on your mental health.
While the world is looking for solutions to help cope up with stress. Most people in this situation might want to run to yoga ashrams in Rishikesh because yoga comes first to the mind when searching for peace and health. Yoga ashrams in Rishikesh have been helping many people cope up with stress and achieve a higher position in their mind using various Yogic practises.
In this blog, we talk about the top ways you can use yoga to fight stress in your life.

1. Pranayama and other breathing exercises practiced by yoga ashrams in Rishikesh

You might not have noticed, but the pattern of your breathing actually changes when you are stressed or any change in emotion results in a change of breathing pattern. The human body works in accordance with its surroundings, and when you are into a tense situation, you tend to start breathing heavily, which further affects your condition.
Bringing the focus on your breathing while performing any task is a great way to enhance your awareness which leads to better emotion handling. Regular pranayama which should be practised as a form of meditation will help you to have better control on your thoughts.
Some of the best pranayamas practiced by yoga ashrams in Rishikesh for reducing stress are:

● Brahmari
● Nadi Shodhana
● Ujjayi breath

2. Meditation

Stress is not an instant disease that you catch somewhere, it is the result of continuous unhealthy conditioning with no physical activity. In most of the scenarios, anxiety keeps building up until a point when you start to realise that you need help. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is practicing regular meditation like many people who stay in yoga ashrams in Rishikesh.
Meditation is an integral part of the yogic lifestyle. A simple habit of 15 mins of meditation can have a tremendous impact on your life. There are many forms of meditation, including pranayama, and you can literally start with any meditation practice depending on what suits your routine. Connecting with your soul for half an hour every day can help you understand the functioning of your mind resulting in a stress free life.

3. Release and buildup of negative emotional energy

One of the biggest reasons for stress is the buildup of negative emotional energy in the body. It is common for us humans to store negative energy which may arise from any small instance. Many of us would not release the negative thoughts and keep them in our mind, which will result in an increase of negative emotional energy in the body. This often results in us releasing this energy in places we are not supposed to. For example, we would shout at our loved ones or at a restaurant for no reason. However, if you see people who are meditating they would remain calm and compose even the most hectic situations, that’s why most of the yoga ashrams in Rishikesh are filled with a peaceful vibe.
An interesting fact is that humans store negative emotional energy at our hips and shoulders. We can actually remove this negative energy by performing asanas which are focused at our hips and particularly the shoulders. Practicing a set of asanas, one of which we will talk about in this post will help you to release negative energy every day and be free of stress!

4. Analysing patterns and your behaviour

Yoga is less about practicing asanas and more about analysing yourself and your soul. One of the best ways to fight stress is to analyse trends and patterns in your behaviour. You will most probably find out that you tend to be angry at particular times or because of certain things. Once you get to know of these patterns, it becomes easier for you to deal with them.
There are many asanas which are known to help reduce stress, and now we will be talking about one of the best ones.

5. Sukhasana with a forward bend

This is one of the most comfortable poses which you can practice even with your busy lifestyle. This will help improve the blood circulation in your body while helping you reduce stress.

The steps involved in this Asana are -

● Select a calm and peaceful place and lay down your yoga mat on the floor
● Sit down on the Yoga mat with your legs in the crossed position in the beginning
● Slowly bend your upper body in the forward direction and keep your arms on the Yoga mat in a crossed position
● Keep your head on the arms and gently push the upper body in the downward direction
● Remain in the position for as long as comfortable and feel the negative energy exit your body while practising the Asana


We would like to conclude by helping you understand the reason and solution of stress. Physical Asanas, meditation and thinking alone will not allow you to cope up with stress.
Stress is a combination of physical and mental issues in your body, and you need to make sure to practise all of the solutions mentioned in this post with equal importance to all!!!

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|| 🙏Sarve Jana Sujano Bhavantu, Sarve Sujana Sukhinobhavantu 🙏||