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Concept of Hospitality at Adhiroha

Concept of Hospitality at Adhiroha

“मातृ देवो भव।

पितृ देवो भव।

आचार्य देवो भव।

अतिथि देवो भव॥”


The above mentioned verse is from Taittiriya Upanishad of Yajur Veda. It advices to be one to whom the mother is a God. Be one to whom the father is a God. Be one to whom the teacher is a God. Be one to whom the guest is a God. In simple words, it says that we all are manifestation of God which makes us a part of the God. Therefore, all living and nonliving things are to be respected, loved and worshipped. ‘Devapitrkary abhyam na pramaditavyam’ and there shall be no error in your duties.


In Indian culture, we believe in giving our eyes, heart, mind, ears and attention while receiving, feeding and sending back our guest. We at Adhiroha hold our roots strongly with pride. We believe the presence of god could be felt anywhere at anytime. Divinity could enter our lives in any form. Thus, hospitality is not just an act of service for us but also of worship. When our actions transform into worship we naturally give ourselves freely without desiring anything in return.


One of our favourite tale of selfless hospitality is from the chronicles of Mahabharata. Krishna and Arjun’s eternal friendship is known to all. Once they disguised as meditators and went on a stroll of Dwarka Nagri. They knocked a door embellished with jewels and the host welcomed them warmly with great devotion. He washed the feet of his guests and offered them a feast. When it was time to leave, Krishna asked his guest for one wish and the host asked for riches. Without taking another second, Krishna blessed his host profusely with wealth. Another stop the two friends took was at a broken house with no door in it. It was a house of a poor widow whose only possession was a cow. She too welcomed her guests with great devotion. She offered a glass of milk to her guests. When the time came to leave, Krishna asked her as well to present her one wish infront of him. The old widow said, “I’m already blessed to host the great sages of Bharatvarsha. I wish for nothing.” Krishna told the widow that in few days her cow will disappear. They left.


Now Arjun was horrified and so you must be. Blessing the rich with more riches and poor with a death of her only possession, it doesn’t sound fair at all. Arujn considered it unacceptable and questioned his friend. Krishna smiled and told Arjun, “Parth! My rich devotee is insanely obssessed with riches. A person who is eloped with worldly desires would never have a mindful consciousness. He has a long way to walk before he is spiritually awakened. While my poor devotee is already far advanced on the spiritual path. The only attachment she posses is her cow. I removed that hurdle from her path.”


Thus, Sattvick hospitality is the one which is offered without expectation of return, renouncing the fruits of the action. It makes a world kinder and a happier place. A yoga practitioner could reach mindful consciousness through selfless actions. Indeed, a huge part of the practice of yoga off the mat at yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is dedicated to Karma Yoga, and the path of selfless service. Adhiroha is a seva to the community. It is an idea of yoga practice that has moved past the ego, past any self-judgement and comparison, past sensations of greed and attachment. It is a meeting point for every yoga practitioner to connect with their truest and highest self. Yoga in its truest form.

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|| 🙏Sarve Jana Sujano Bhavantu, Sarve Sujana Sukhinobhavantu 🙏||