5 Hidden truths about Yoga School in Rishikesh!

5 Hidden truths about Yoga School in Rishikesh!

The modern-day self-exploration journey begins with an online search. In the past few decades, yoga teacher training courses in India and worldwide have been established as one of the most conservative ways to understand the body, mind, and soul.
Due to lockdown and covid-19, many people have realized the importance of yoga not only as a personal healthcare system but as a great career option.
Keeping that in mind, most of us start searching for terms like - “ best yoga teacher training course” or “best 200 hour yoga teacher training course or 300 hour yoga teacher training course” And When it comes to learning traditional yoga, Rishikesh is considered the yoga city or the mecca of yoga.
That’s when most of us start searching for the “best yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.
Adding Rishikesh to your search will bombard your screen with many advertisements and popular websites that can instantly lure you into signing up for their course.
Get ready! That’s where the mayhem begins, you can encounter a lot of options with the same curriculum, almost the same fee structure, a weekend trip around Rishikesh, and a few more attractive offers.
However, don’t be in a rush to sign-up for the yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh because there are some hidden truths that these neatly created yoga websites won’t tell you. At the same time, you may not be able to check out every yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. Hence, these five hidden truths about yoga schools in Rishikesh might help you choose the perfect yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.

1. How Rishikesh Environment Affects Yoga Experience)

Do you know that most yoga teacher training attendees only come to break a habit or improve their lifestyle?
Yes, not everybody who attends the yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh wants to become an actual teacher. Many of them are just in the yoga teacher training course to break unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, and eating junk food because just the information and one month of guided practice kickstart your new life.
You might be having these habits too, there is nothing wrong with deciding to leave these habits, and that is what most of you probably be expecting when you come to the yoga teacher training course, they will help you break these bad habits and give you an environment that is well suited to give up on your unhealthy living pattern, but that’s where our first truth is going to be revealed.
Not all yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh are equipped to create that environment. What you do not see on the websites is that after taking the daily classes, many students get distracted by bewitching cafes and young, energetic crowds from all over the world. It gets even difficult to control when everybody around is getting high on substances.
It is very common among the schools that are very close to Laxman jhula as all sorts of unhealthy habits are being practiced by the escapers of life, from smoking to drinking to fighting each other. That happens because most of the schools are very close to the lifestyle that people like to live on the weekend, and it is really hard for the schools to keep adults in the discipline.
So, if you are looking for a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, please ensure that it is away from all the attractions cum distractions.

2. Perfect Environment for Yoga Training)

The second truth is hidden quite shrewdly behind these websites. When you look up a website, you see pictures of a yoga hall from Bali, and enchanting views of locations that are nowhere to be found in Rishikesh.
That is because most of the yoga schools in Rishikesh own or have leased only the yoga halls, which is a good enough space to learn and practice yoga. However, real yoga training requires an atmosphere that is supported by the five elements of nature: Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space.
When you come to Rishikesh, the serene vibes of Ganga and high spiritual energies instantly uplifts your soul, so there are natural elements to benefit from but not every yoga center has the capacity to encapsulate that into their centers.
There are many yoga centers and ashrams in Rishikesh with big enough space to create their own environment, and they have natural water flowing, a havan kund to perform a spiritual ceremony that cleanses your energy, natural forest which offers clean oxygenated air and run constant mantra chanting to purify the air vibrations and an ashram like environment to support your yoga journey.
These are some of the unnoticed factors needed to truly enhance your experience of 200 hours yoga teacher training. The atmospheric impact can only be understood once experienced, so if you only look at the pictures of yoga halls and scenic pictures of Rishikesh, you need to look beyond and inquire about yoga centers' surroundings.

3. Importance of Food in Yoga Training)

We all have heard that bodybuilding is 70% diet and 30% percent workout, well that ratio may change depending on your desired result, but the importance of food can’t be ignored when it comes to being a yoga teacher.
There is a fine line between creating a sattvic diet and turning it into rajas food; a sattvic diet is not easy to define; it means nothing in excess, a sattvic diet should be a balance of all.
After constant practice of yoga asanas and frequent flow of yoga theory will leave you drained and in need of food that can rejuvenate your body.
This is where we reveal the third truth- not all schools are equipped with nice, well-trained, yogic diet chefs.
Sure, they will give you meals to keep the body running but when you are attending a professional yoga teachers training course in Rishikesh, it is expected that you get food that is well suited for your training to enhance your yoga training experience.
That is one of the main factors why a yoga center needs expert chefs who are well trained to keep food, and other things ready ahead of time.
Not all schools have such in-house food management systems, which can deliver on those expectations because there is an exact amount of time between your classes.
Not adhering to the strict food timelines could result in unwanted difficulties during training and classes.
Once your lodging and food are taken care of, the fourth truth is more related to your real yoga education!

4. Availability and Expertise of Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh)

Teachers are the biggest asset of any yoga schools in Rishikesh because most of your time is spent with teachers. Every school has more or less the same curriculum, but not every school has an expert for each subject.
The fourth truth that most yoga schools in Rishikesh hide is how many teachers they have and what expertise they have.
Completing a 200 hours or a 300 hours yoga teacher training course will demand more than just your willingness to participate. It would require the support of expert and knowledgeable yoga teachers and gurus.
Everyone can impart knowledge and wisdom through the internet and social media, but gaining the actual teaching of a guru is to be with them; energy cannot be transmitted through a screen.
So it is essential to see who has how many teachers and what their expertise is.
We respect and admire the schools, who have kept yoga attached to its roots and have ensured that students get the best teacher for yoga, and we try to do the same with each and every course.
With that being said, let’s find out what’s the final and fifth truth that yoga centers are hiding.

5. A Holistic Yoga Experience Matters!)

We are all aware of the covid-19 lockdown, and it’s severe effects on people and business, where all the other businesses have suffered. But, there is one industry that has risen amidst the chaos and that is digital education and it didn’t take long for yoga schools in Rishikesh to understand that.
A whole lot of people became conscious about their health and things they were lacking. The sudden realization has pushed many people into yoga. Still, due to lack of time and hectic life schedule and looking at it as an opportunity, most yoga centers are tilting towards the business aspect of yoga.
But you have decided to do a residential yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, and it is more than just a program. It will be a complete shift of environment with a new routine and new diet. So you are investing your time, money, and energy to enhance your lifestyle.
While you may adjust and follow the whole yoga teacher training diligently, it becomes more important to follow the routine when you go back home. That can easily be done if your training experience is holistic and you are always excited to be that person again.
The question that most of you might have is- What completes a holistic yoga experience?
There are great chances of getting a holistic experience if you keep all the discussed truths in mind. The environment, food, surroundings, and the people you are learning from. Everything is done with humility, love, and peace in mind, everything will feel bliss, and that experience will give you strength in difficult times.
However, the truth is that most schools just care about completing the course and being done with it. So it is important to see the dedication of the yoga centers towards maintaining their own sanctity.
That brings us to the end of a helpful article about finding the best yoga schools in Rishikesh. Do let us know what are the challenges you faced while looking for 200 hour or 300 hour teacher training courses.

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