About Program


All Classes/Sessions are mandatory. Our programs are intensive – We highly recommend regular practice 3 to 4 times per week up to 2 to 3 months prior to course commencement.At Adhiroha, Yoga Teacher Training program is a well-thought, experience-based framework. Wherein, every session is planned around a particular time for a reason. As you progress every week, you will explore the bigger picture of the training. Therefore, we require your undivided attention and desire to learn during the training period. In yoga, competition is not with anyone but yourself. Listen to your body/mind, understand your limits and try to progress day after day.


A basic knowledge of English is enough to understand and participate in the training. Your teachers will assist you during the extra time if required, so that you may better understand the sessions. When necessary, we will also provide language translators, upon request for an additional fee.

Evaluation & Certification

Assessments for certification will be based on practical, homework assignment evaluation, as well as a minimum of 90% attendance. There are different set-standards of measurements put in place to assess the abilities of the student’s progress, including ethical yogic behaviour. Students need to follow general guidelines of the program and basic rules of the ashram.Students who successfully complete 200/300/500-Hour YTT residential program, will be awarded with Adhiroha – US Yoga Alliance certificate.

Travel Documents

Please ensure the dates on your visa and passport comply with your countries requirements for travel to India. Make sure your passport/visa does not expire during your stay.

Refund Policy

All yoga aspirants are advised to consider the time and resources required for the program before forwarding their application. Advance deposits to reserve your spot in the programs are non-refundable. However, in case of unavoidable exigencies, Adhiroha at its discretion will permit the student to return at a later date and attend any other scheduled program within a 1 year period. We therefore recommend that all applicants carefully consider their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the program.

Essentialsfor well being

Yoga emphasizes attention to breath. Pranayamaa (Breathing) techniques help channel their pranic energies for better health and spirit.
One’s spiritual health begins with strong body, which is achieved through proper postures & regullarly practicing yoga asana tecniques
Relaxation begins in the physical body, manifested through losing all tension within the muscles and then extends to the mind.
Meditation allows one a way to ease the constant chatter of the mind, and instead control it, and channel it to positive thinking and spiritual health.