About Adhiroha - Yoga Centre in Rishikesh

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Perfect place to learn Yoga

Adhiroha is one of the many names used to invoke Lord “Shiva”. Adhiroha means “One Seated within” also to “ascend up” or to “rise above”. Adhiroha is founded by a family of yogis who are into yoga and meditation practices for the last two decades. It is one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh, for Teacher Training. We provide traditional yoga training with an authentic teaching style which makes Adhiroha very unique and exclusive.


Our Mission is to deliver ‘out of the world experience’ in yoga. We thrive to provide the best of education to yoga practitioners which will help them attain their goals as future yoga teachers and at the same time they embrace the yogic path with deeper joy, peace, and inner richness of life.


Our vision is to enhance the quality of human life through personal growth and self-transformation by way of yoga teachings and share our experiences in the field of meditation. We believe that a person is healthy if one is physically fit, mentally strong and intrinsically happy.

Our Guru &Tradition

We bow to the lotus feet of our Spiritual Guru Sri Adi Shakaracharya the most influential thinker, codifier of advaita vedanta philosophy, whose life and teachings impels us to be grounded, to be a better thinker and organiser, to be simple, yet profound, to be task oriented, but humane, to lead and to be led, to be intuitive and yet disciplined and makes us conscious of the great force of divinity working in us in every moment of life.

Adhiroha draws its knowledge from every guru who spreads the light of eternal knowledge with love. Learning/Education is a continuous process and the Adhiroha team is fortunate not just to have gained knowledge about yoga from regular university studies but also from many other great teachers & seers. Adhiroha team from time to time attend various classes, workshops, practices conducted at other places to enrich the knowledge. Our team is a product of confluence of knowledge contributed by many teachers. It is imperative to mention, the student community of Adhiroha, who are integral contributors in broadening the horizon of learning of our Yoga team.

At Adhiroha we adhere to the ancient traditional yoga practice and philosophy in its undiluted form keeping the roots of yoga intact and bring it as it is to the learners.

About Founders

Adhiroha is founded by Shankar Das and Gayatri in the year 2017. Both being yoga aficionados, they pursued the dream of establishing a yoga school that would embody the soul of Adhiroha. To turn their dream to reality they turned their backs on corporate careers and with single-focused mind and unprecedented zeal travelled across India and abroad searching for a location that would express the true essence of Adhiroha. Finally they found the ideal place for their school in Rishikesh the birthplace of Yoga, where people have visited for centuries to be healed and to find rest and rejuvenation. During this journey they have come to realize that there are many styles of yoga and a great number of yoga schools. It is a very hard task for a yoga enthusiast to find the best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh that meets ones expectation and requirements for learning yoga in Rishikesh. Bearing this in mind Shankar Das and Gayatri designed and structured Adhiroha as a holistic destination where one can learn yoga the traditional way and at the same time get a feel of staying in a beautiful forest resort. They aim to keep the roots of yoga intact and practice it in its undiluted form. Hence, you will find training at Adhiroha is traditional, rooted in its core the wisdom of Yoga practice and Philosophy. One can say Gayatri and Shankar Das are the Yin & Yang, the heart & mind, and at soul is Adhiroha.

Adhiroha CSO (Chief Security Officer)

Our gentle Giant, furry four legged angel and canine mascot “Buddha” is very vital part of Adhiroha. Always willing to please and extremely friendly you will often find him greeting you when you arrive. He enjoys the company of human and other canine friends and more often than not you will find him stretched languorously in the office space or anywhere within the premises.

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